• Modesto Porcelain Dental Veneers

    Laurie Armstrong


    I was looking for a cosmetic dentist to even out my smile – I had large front teeth, small side teeth, and a crossover. In fact, I had adult ortho twice. I just wanted someone to finally get my smile right. When I saw Dr. Rodig’s ads, I was intrigued but I wanted to meet him first. It was a great experience. Everyone made me feel like I was the only patient there.

    Dr. Rodig placed upper veneers, and I liked them so much I came back for lower veneers. The work is fabulous! He works as if he were working on his own teeth. He is a consummate perfectionist. My family loves my teeth – I love my teeth – and that makes me smile!

  • Root Canals Treatment Modesto

    Brandi Ellis


    My teeth really robbed me of my freedom – I had such large spaces between my teeth that I always hesitated to smile and I was hesitant about simply chatting because I thought people would look at my teeth. I felt so inhibited. When I began looking for a cosmetic dentist, I did a lot of research on the Internet. I was looking for a doctor with a great reputation and excellent examples of completed work. Dr. Rodig met all my criteria. Everyone was just great – in fact, the whole experience was great. The people make the difference.

    Now that I have veneers from Dr. Rodig, I feel free to be open and relaxed. My smile is the first thing you see!

  • General Dentistry Modestp

    Tim Ewell

    Executive Pilot

    My smile really bothered me. It was discolored, one tooth was chipped and I had a cap that never matched. Dr. Rodig is an artist and an expert at what he does – I had six upper veneers and my smile was so improved!

    I am very choosy about whom I refer, but I have referred Dr. Rodig to friends. One of my friends, who was a cosmetic dentistry patient of Dr. Rodig, went to see a dentist in San Diego. That dentist commented that whoever did her teeth is an artist and that she is very lucky. I can honestly say that these are good people and they take good care of me. I definitely smile more now.

  • Julie, Actual Patient

    Julie Hutchings

    Owner, E Contact Live

    I had a crown with a gap at the gum line and it really bothered me. I wanted to get something done. I finally found Dr. Rodig on the Internet. His before and after photos looked great, but visiting the office made me feel even more relaxed. These are great folks – patient, personal and friendly.

    I wanted to get Zoom! Whitening, but even with the whitening, my enamel was streaky. Dr. Rodig knew exactly what to do! I had eight veneers on top and eight on the bottom. I love my new smile! It is amazing how good it can make you feel!

  • Dental Hygiene Modesto

    Deborah Jones

    Domestic Engineer

    I had uneven, yellow teeth. Even the bottom teeth were discolored and they hurt. Simply biting into an apple was painful. I felt terrible – crooked, discolored teeth are not attractive to see first thing in the morning when you are putting on your makeup.

    I was looking for a new general dentist and I found Dr. Rodig in the yellow pages. How lucky could I be? Dr. Rodig is someone who pays attention to you. He is very dynamic, but the real issue for me is trust. I can trust this doctor. We decided to use veneers to restore my smile and I think the change is amazing. Nothing hurts, and I love my new, white smile!

  • Modesto Dental Bonding Treatment

    Serena Loya

    Financial Coordinator, Dr. Rick Rodig

    I worked for over twelve years in other dental offices, but never felt confident about having any dental work done. All the doctors I worked for asked me if I wanted veneers but I just didn’t feel comfortable with them. Three months after starting here, I knew I wanted Dr. Rodig to make my smile what I always wished it could be. I trusted him! That says a lot, in my mind.

    Now that I have had the work done, I can talk to patients about the process. Dr. Rodig is so professional…the whole team is. The standards they set for themselves are exceptional. Patients tell us this is the most complete practice they have ever been in. I completely agree!

  • Modesto Dental Exams and X-Rays

    Jim Lynch

    Investment Manager

    One of my teeth had been chipped years ago and it was time to update the quick fix. The rest of my teeth were pretty bad too. They were yellow, faded and crooked. I take care of everyone else in my life but I had been thinking about having my smile fixed for a long time and I just I wanted to do something for myself.

    I saw Dr. Rodig’s ads, saw samples of his work, and when we met, we just clicked right off the bat. Their office is run like mine: customer service oriented, friendly and homey, but in a professional way. I enjoy coming here so much that I even switched my kids to Dr. Rodig. I had eight upper and eight lower veneers and I am so happy with the change! It has been good for my business too. I smile all the time and that seems to make people want to work with me. Dr. Rodig is great.

  • Florina, Actual Patient

    Florina Mitchell

    Esthetician, Makeup Artist

    My teeth were small, worn and short, but the real problem was tetracycline staining. It affected my life and my career – when I modeled, I would not smile. I was always covering my mouth with my hand, and my friends were constantly telling me to stop. My own dentist recommended Dr. Rodig who performed a full-mouth reconstruction. What a great change! I am more confident in all areas of my life.

    Dr. Rodig talks to you. He is so nice and sweet and he makes you feel utterly relaxed. I have stopped covering my mouth and I actually smile! I don’t have to wear lipstick to brighten my smile. My renewed confidence is enough to light up the room!

  • Sedation Dentistry Modesto

    Pamela Kirschke


    Living in pain is terrible. I had headaches and neck tension everyday but I thought it was life stress; stress from being a single mom. I didn’t know it was related to my bite. My sister brought me to Dr. Rodig and he explained what was really happening – I had straight teeth because of braces when I was a kid but my bite was off. I had a full-mouth reconstruction and it has made an amazing difference!

    Dr. Rodig is very good at cosmetics, very artistic, he just has an instinctive feel for it. My teeth look natural, they are in proportion to my face and I have no tension! I feel great, thanks to Dr. Rodig.

  • Dental Implants Modesto

    Kenneth Rogers

    Radiology Clerk

    Because I am constantly in the public eye, I needed to have a nice smile, but my teeth were fluoride stained and yellowish. I searched the Internet and looked for someone who had an excellent reputation. Dr. Rodig was the definitive choice!

    I had posterior work, and upper and lower veneers. Now everyone notices the change in my smile. I couldn’t be happier!

  • White Dental Fillings Modesto

    Sheila Rogers

    Radiology Clerk

    I had white spots on my teeth and people were always asking me about them – What were they? Where did they come from? What caused spots like that? All this attention to my spots started making me very self-conscious. My husband was looking for a general dentist and found Dr. Rodig on the Internet. I am so glad he did! Dr. Rodig is easy going, relaxed, confident and he makes his patients feel relaxed too. He worked on my husband first and I knew I could trust him to do my work too. I had six upper veneers and four lower veneers.

    Now people tell me what a beautiful smile I have – no more questions about my white spots! I can just relax and enjoy my smile.

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