Spectra Caries Detection Aid

The Early Cavity Detection for Less Drilling

For Less Drilling and Filling in Modesto

Have you been avoiding dental work because you hate every aspect of having a tooth drilled – the sounds, the taste, the smell? Unfortunately, this fear can also keep you from getting the check-ups and cleanings you need. These cleanings and checkups can actually reduce the need for the dreaded drilling. How? Our advanced technology such as the innovative Spectra Caries Detection Aid can help us discover caries in the earliest stages, often before any drilling is needed! Fluorescence technology indicates the extent of decay with color and numerical readings and eliminates any guesswork. Since every image captured is saved in our computer files, we can compare your results from visit to visit for even earlier detection. We can even use the Spectra device to detect plaque and calculus for the ultimate in gum health!

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