Modesto Root Canals Treatment

Modesto’s Toothache Solution

Just mention the words “root canal” and everyone in the room grimaces. People automatically associate a root canal with a toothache. Really…what a root canal should make you think of is RELIEF!

If your tooth is infected, a root canal could be your best friend – it not only stops the pain of an infected tooth, it can keep you from needing an extraction! We do everything we can to make sure our root canal procedure itself is painless. To top off your treatment, we can seal and protect your tooth with a CEREC® crown created just for you, right here in my office in one easy visit.

Or if it is time for something more serious as oral surgery, it is comforting to know that you can rely on the dental office you know and trust to meet your needs. We do all types of extractions – even wisdom tooth removal, to keep your smile healthy and pain-free!

If you are nervous, we offer oral sedation dentistry to help you relax before you even arrive at the office. During the procedure, snuggle under one of our cozy blankets and rest your head on a pillow. You’ll drift away during your procedure and wake up feeling refreshed.

Root Canals Treatment Modesto
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