Modesto Dental Ozone Therapy

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The most remarkable breakthrough in preventive and proactive dental care is Ozone therapy. That’s right– Ozone!

Far-fetched as it may sound, Ozone therapy is completely changing dentistry by allowing us to kill bacteria before it can cause a cavity, eradicate any bacteria remaining after a cavity is removed and sterilize a root canal with remarkable efficiency.

How? Everyone knows that Ozone is the natural gas barrier that protects us from cancer-causing rays of the sun. But did you know that Ozone is an amazing natural sterilizing agent?

In fact, concentrated ozone is used by hospitals and in other public places to control infections because it kills viruses and bacteria within seconds.

If you suffer from painful and contagious cold sores, Ozone therapy can help with that, too. Ozone has been used for years in Europe to aid in the healing process and to kill viruses, and we now offer Ozonated olive oil to treat cold sores quickly, comfortably and effectively.

To find out more about the benefits of Ozone therapy, give us a call or schedule an appointment to discover the dramatic results for yourself.

Dental Ozone Therapy Modesto
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